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Russia votes to ban foreign same-sex couples from adopting


Man, Russia’s on a roll with the anti-gay politics. 

The country’s lower house of Parliament unanimously voted on Tuesday to bar same-sex couples from other countries from adopting Russian children. The bill now heads to the upper house of Parliament, and Russian president Vladimir Putin has said he’ll sign it. 

The law would apply primarily to couples from countries without legal marriage equality, but it would also heavily regulate adoption by gay couples from countries where marriage is legal, as well as certain adoptions by individuals. 

Earlier this month the lower house, or Duma, voted 436-0 to ban LGBT events or public discussion of LGBT issues that might be accessible to minors.

“A child should have a mother and a father, a child in a family has an idea of what the world is about,” Duma deputy speaker Sergei Zheleznyak said. “If a child ends up with a homosexual couple, it could of course cause severe damage and the child ends up with a distorted perception of reality.”

The bill came as a reaction to the French government establishing marriage equality for same-sex couples.


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